As representatives of overseas-based companies; We respond to the demands and needs of the companies we work with in the most effective way and as soon as possible. In addition, we minimize all damages that may arise from the producers of the companies with which we have a business partnership.


High Quality & Reasonable Price

We offer the requested products with the best price and best quality ratio to the service of our valued customers.


Reception & Accompany 

After you accepted the offer price we have made to your company and complete the pre-interview, our customers from the moment they arrived at the airport in Turkey during the visit by meeting all together we carry out visits to local manufacturers in Turkey.



In accordance with the agreements we have made with local companies; We prevent your pre-sales and after-sales losses which may arise from the manufacturer. In this way, we maximize the satisfaction of the buyer in every respect.


Guarantee & Technical Service

After the purchase process, we ensure all the necessary technical services to our customers during the warranty period as soon as possible and in the most effective way.



In order to prevent time-based grievances, we respond to our customers as soon as possible in the case of they contact us.

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